First Day in Paris!

Enjoying my first espresso in Paris at La Maison Paul Boulangerie et Patisserie! It’s all in the name!

Life for me begins with three simple ingredients – Eating well, staying active, and eclectic tunes that bring out the flavor of both.  I hope that in sharing some of my recipes for food and living life “in stereo” I can inspire others to listen a little closer and create their own soundtrack for a balanced life.

It’s not something to believe in
Just a little thought and a lot of feeling

The Sound of Music
Rumor has it when I was a toddler I busted my playpen dancing to “Let’s Get Physical” by Olivia Newton-John.  Fast-forward a few years and I’m still using music as a way to break free and keep moving.  I start just about every morning by choosing an album or playlist that sets the tone for my day.  One of my favorite songs, and inspiration for this blog, is called “In Stereo” by the Street Dogs.  The beat, the passion, and the message:

We all know that time is precious
So don’t let it slip away
Life is more than a mere existence
We must live it every day

In the Kitchen
I am a software trainer by day, but my true passion lies in the kitchen. It all started nearly 10 years ago when I received my first Rachael Ray cookbook from my cooking mentor and dear friend David.  It wasn’t long before my boring and unhealthy packaged food diet became history.  I eventually graduated to putting a personal spin on recipes and even developing some of my own.  A relatively picky eater myself, I try to encourage others that it doesn’t take much skill to eat healthy and fun.

You’ve been told all your life
You’ll never get it right
Don’t listen to those lies
Because no one controls your life

A Fit Body is a Fit Mind
Like many women, I struggled with weight and body image issues for a long time.  Just before turning 30, I knew getting older would be much harder if I was out of shape.  After gradually incorporating regular exercise to my schedule, I lost 50 pounds!  I’m proud to say that after a few years I’ve been able to keep it off and have hardly looked back. 

Most recently I discovered a new found respect and passion for yoga.  I found an instructor who really inspires and challenges me to dive deeper into the practice and go beyond the asanas (poses).  It has become my primary source for staying fit, but most importantly it has led me to a place where I am comfortable and at peace with my life like never before.  Once you find workouts that fit your lifestyle and bring you that serenity, it won’t feel like work at all!

Until we beat again…



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